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Barica Blenkus, MSc

Change for the better

"Your visions will become pure when you look into your heart. He who looks outside dreams; he who looks inside awakens."

C.G. Jung

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My approach to psychotherapy

I tailor my approach to each individual. I listen and I don't judge. I believe that every person who manages to find courage and  to come to a chemistry session is full of good - even though she/he may not see or feel it at that moment. I believe in the healing power of the client-therapist relationship. I believe that together we can better understand your problems and find different, better ways to cope with life's challenges. Therapy heals by conversation. It can also provide strong support in the child adoption process.
Psychotherapy is not a magic pill, it is a process that requires dedication from both the client and the therapist. Psychotherapy is a journey through our inner territories - sometimes exciting, sometimes difficult. It is the path to a better life, to a better relationship with ourselves and others. It is an adventure in which perseverance and small steps bring about great changes. For the better.

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Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy heals with conversation. The therapeutic relationship also has healing potential.

Whether it iss mental disorders, lack of self-confidence, anxiety or depression, dealing with the loss of a loved one or other grief,

a decline in motivation and/or burnout -

when you feel like you can’t go on like this anymore, that you need to change something, then it is time to gather courage and call me.

If you want to discover who you are now, live a better life and have more satisfying and healthy relationships. If you want to move from the dark towards the light and get out of the grip of depression and / or overload - it's time to meet in a cognitive meeting.

Price for one individual session (50 minutes): 60 €

When to use psychotherapy?

Relationship problems


Anxiety, panic attacks


Poor self-esteem

Lack of self-confidence

Problems in a partnership

Challenges and burdens of parenthood

Stress and burnout

Helping members of the LGBTQ + community: accepting one's sexual orientation, coming out, relationships with parents, ...

Setting boundaries

Problems at work or study

Lack of meaning in life or work

Expats - helping you to adapt to the new environment and support you during the transition (we can work in English, French and Croatian / Serbian)

Adoption counseling

Counseling and psychological support:

> before adoption (decision to adopt, possible internal barriers, first steps)

> during the adoption process (uncertainty, doubts, long waits, overcoming bureaucratic and logistical obstacles)

> after the adoption of the child (parents' expectations, acceptance of the child and his culture, creation of a support network, changed relationships within the family, balancing parenting and work)

For couples and for single adoptive parents.

I have personal experience with adopting a child from abroad. I know how challenging this path is, so I can help you, both with practical advice and with a therapeutic conversation, at all stages of adoption.

Price for one meeting for a couple (80 minutes): 80 €

Price for one meeting

for one person (50 minutes): 60 €

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About me

Barica Blenkuš, MSc

I am a specialist in Transactional Analysis (Ipsa Institute, Ljubljana). I also use the Gestalt approach. My work portfolio includes executive coaching and supervision. I hold a Master of Science in Organisational Change Consulting.

I am also a client in psychotherapy - since 2001. I deeply believe in the power of psychotherapy. My clients are people who have found themselves in a difficult period of life or are facing new, complex challenges.

I often work with members of the LGBTQ + community.
Once upon a time, I was a professional actress and taught drama. Today, I am a mum to a teenager, I paint and I write.

About me

I regularly work with ....

Zavod TransAkcija


TransAkcija Institute is the first and only trans specific non-governmental organization in Slovenia. Their work focuses on supporting trans persons in all aspects of public and private life, encouraging them to live their truth and seek trans joy. TransAkcija offers trans, LGBIQ+ and allies a vast programme of psycho-social support services as well as various awareness and community building activities, products, publications and projects. 

Trans and LGBIQ+ persons and allies are welcome to learn more about the organization or to get in touch with TransAkcija via the following channels:








We provide support and empowerment to individuals, LGBT communities and people with HIV, by continuously providing accessible, confidential and professional services. Through advocacy, we contribute to improving legal protection and increasing the visibility of LGBT people and understanding the situation of people living with HIV. By raising the awareness of the general and professional public, we contribute to changing the attitude towards our target groups. All our activities are directed into building a society where every identity is legitimate.



Phone: 01 430 51 44

Get in touch

Psihoterapija - Barica Blenkuš, MSc - Komenskega ulica 32, 1000 Ljubljana

041 693 923

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